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Colline is behind Colline’s Kitchen, that aims to be the go-to place for healthy and sustainable food. She is a loving mother, wife, and accountant, who is bringing her passion of cooking for her family and friends to Newbury.

Colline is lucky enough to call Newbury and Zimbabwe home, having spent an equal amount of her life in both places. Son she aims to support local suppliers and small businesses from both places.

“I aim to provide wholesome home-cooked food that doesn’t compromise on flavour”

Each dish is made with love and care, so please let us know if you have any allergies and we will always try and accommodate you.
Colline’s Kitchen offers a variety of homemade food and baked goods served with a smile, made from locally sourced ingredients where possible.

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Our suppliers

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Fruit and Vegetables

We source our fruit and veg from Karen, a greengrocer who has been supplying fruit and vegetables in Berkshire and Hampshire for over 15 years. Karen can be found at Newbury Market on Thursdays and Saturdays, so we get all the produce from her fresh each morning.

Plant based products


We source our plant-based products and ingredients from various places. 

Our hot chocolate is from Sweet Freedom

Our plant based milk is from Oatly

Dairy Products

Our eggs are free range and come from Beechwood Farm in Hampstead Norreys, where the hens have access to the beautiful outdoors from sunrise to sunset. 



All the quiches in the cafe are made by Rhona from Thyme. Rhona offers a catering service and provides freshly made nutritious food for busy people. She has different menus available for different occasions. She can fill your freezer, provide you with canapés or dinner party food, lunches, and many more private catering events. 

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Our salads when we don’t make them are made by our good friend Nick from Food By Hope. Nick is a private chef who likes to grow his own fruit and vegetables that he incorporates in the food he makes.  


Making a difference in as many ways as possible.

As a mother, I am concerned about the environmental impact of our actions – that’s why I want to make a difference in as many ways as possible. Colline’s Kitchen is all about food to nurture your body and mind, but in a way that has as small an environmental impact as possible, while helping to make the world a better place. 

As a small start-up and at the beginning of our journey, I am still exploring different ways to make the kitchen sustainable and have by no means found the secret formula. Having said this, I want to be as transparent as possible with you and want to keep an open dialog with my customers on this topic – to share ideas and take recommendations on board. So please feel free to get in touch with me – I’d love to hear from you.

These are a few sustainable things that Colline’s Kitchen does already: 

  1. Food provenance: Food provenance is all about knowing the root of where your food has come from, how it was produced and transported to us. Colline’s Kitchen is about supporting local food producers who supply high quality ingredients. There is a story behind each of our main ingredients which you can learn more about from our suppliers page.
  2. Food waste: Colline’s Kitchen aims to keep food waste to a minimum by not over-preparing food, and we are in talks with local homeless shelters about donating leftovers to them.
  3. Coffee ground waste: We use some coffee ground waste as fertilisers for some of our plants in the courtyard. We also donate the rest to friends and family that use them to make homemade beauty products.
  4. Packaging waste: Where possible, we work with our suppliers to minimise packaging waste. For example, our milk is delivered in glass bottles which we return to our supplier after us to be reused.
  5. Single-use: All of our take-away containers are biodegradable. Although better than plastic, these items are only biodegrade if they are disposed of in the right way (i.e. in industrial composting sites), so we would prefer if you bring your own reusable cups, containers and cutlery. You even get 10% off if you bring reusable containers.
  6.  Menus: Our menus and promotional materials are printed on recycled paper.